Marc Jacobs Surprising S/S RTW 2014 Collection

Friday 13th, September 2013 / 15:15
in Fashion
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Surprising because last Spring Marc Jacobs paid homage to Factory girl sweetheart Edie Sedgwick, with monochrome colors, zero embellishments, and basics t shirts, slips, coats, skirt, bra. Stripes and mascaraed eyes furthered the iconic look. This Spring however, New York FW attendees raged about the designers Victorian, bombed- out black beach scenic, RTW collection.
It’s more of a weird frat party, Burning Man, shores-of-Gotham City sort of beach scene. It’s a lovely nightmare, or it was for me anyway…I didn’t want the cliché of Spring and Summer, I wanted it to be about girls who have no problem coming to work in a Victorian gown and Birkenstocks” Marc Jacobs. It seemed like strange choices for a Spring collection, but taking into consideration he is always subverting something.

He opened this show with heavy weighted, huge shouldered sailor jackets replete with embellishments,  paired with heavy color-blocked low hip slung long shorts. Mid show the printed and embroidered dresses came out with a more retail breeze. Then when you were expecting to see more gorgeously Victorian embellished hoodies, the Widow’s weeds dresses decorated the cat walk with an attitude and air of cool we forget this is a RTW show.


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Since graduating from the Lasalle College fashion design program in 2010 Robyn has sought to ground herself within the fashion, styling and art communities. She has taken part in Art of Fashion for Nuit Blanche Toronto, and has established her label Eating Black Feathers. She is interested in collaborate art, and fashion shows, and pretty much anything else that allows her to push the boundaries of beauty, fashion, and experiences. Currently she is enrolled in French so she can communicate with the Francophone community she lives with.

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